Torch-Ishii & Moore | 4 Duos for 2 Cellos

Torch-Ishii & Moore | 4 Duos for 2 Cellos


Written with former Break of Reality cellist Martin Torch-Ishii, 2010-2013, these four duos are each totally different from the others.

Page turns are optimized for live performance from the score.


In Darkness, one of Chopin’s Nocturnes meets Muse with a little Bartok thrown in for good measure. 

Simple form and soaring melodies make it expressive and audience friendly. 

Challenges include rhythmic control and flexibility, playing lyrical melodic lines and navigating some unusual octatonic harmony.


In Odyssey, a meandering, pensive journey reaches a heavy, wild, driving tour-de-force. 

Two divergent paths stray apart but finally find each other as simple pizzicato lines evolve into a fast, frenzied arco ending.


In Reconciliation, a romantic lament steels itself and turns power ballad to overcome its own remorse. 

Includes backbeat slaps, left hand hammer-ons and two vastly different endings.


Vortex is a fast energetic piece with relentless intensity. 

Complex, interlocking rhythms meet heavy power chords to create a powerful barrage of sound.

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