Rhythm Workbook

Rhythm Workbook

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Comprehensive Rhythm Workbook (60+ pages) for any instrument.
by Dr. Kathy Bundock Moore

A must-have for any private lesson (age 8+) and used by hundreds of students in classrooms (including college).

Perfect to accompany an absolute beginner all the way until they're professional; three unique ways to work through the book dramatically increase its difficulty.

Two activities profoundly shape the way students understand rhythm:

  • Tap a steady beat while saying "ta" for the rhythms on the page.
  • Tap independent rhythms with both hands.

Starts easily (without barlines), with only Quarter Notes and Half Notes. Then adds:

Simple Meters | Compound Meters | Mixed Meters |
Asymmetrical Meters | Changing Meters

Eighth Notes | Dotted Note Values | Triplets |
Sixteenth Notes | Thirty-Second Notes

Corresponding Rests

Contemporary Trends including Feathered Beams, Uncommon Tuplets, and (somewhat ironically) a return to no barlines.

(please note that there are no worksheets, questions for students, etc. - students speak or tap all rhythms.)

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